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Ahmed ‘The Prince’ Faress Wants to Teach Nawras Azbakh “Life Lesson”

Being the top-ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the Middle East, which Cairo-based bantamweight Ahmed “The Prince” Faress is according to Tapology, is not just an achievement – it’s a target for other fighters to aspire to. It was no surprise then, when undefeated Jordanian fighter Nawras Azbakh (6-0) became the latest fighter to take the opportunity to call out “The Prince”.

A fighter for Desert Force, Azbakh made the following comments about the Egyptian Brave CF ace:

“Ahmed Faress is ranked as the #1 bantamweight in the Middle East. I have nothing against this guy, I don’t even know him, but put me in the cage with him and I’ll make a highlight reel out of this and finish him however the fans want it. The whole ranking list on [Tapology] doesn’t make sense, especially [considering] the [fighters ranked] under Faress, also.”

Not one to take such comments lying down, Faress responded via arabsmma.com:

“Although his words have a lot of disdain and diminish my ability as a fighter, I understand the reasons behind them. Any person can feel envious or jealous of another who is better than him, and he’s frustrated about that. It’s okay, God created those feelings. There is nothing wrong with what he said. My ambition and potential go beyond a match with Nawras. However, I wouldn’t mind if Brave Combat Federation wants to make this fight happen. I also wouldn’t mind teaching him a useful life lesson.”

Nawras Azbakh, consider your challenge ACCEPTED!


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